Weekly Bible Studies

Our weekly Bible studies are opportunities to get together during the week to study a passage from the Bible or a specific topic found in the Bible. We currently have one group that meets on Monday evenings and another that meets on Saturday mornings.

We find these times of study and application valuable for all. Especially during the week when the pressures of work and other responsibilities can often be weighing on us. It is always good to meet together and prayer over our various needs as well as study the Bible to see what how we can apply to our daily lives.

As it says in Ecc. 4:12 “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” We see these weekely study times as opportunities to encourage one another in the Lord. We are able to grow stronger in the Lord and our walk when we meet regularly with other Christians.

Thursday mornings – Women’s Study – 11:45am.
Thursday evenings – all welcome – 7:30pm
Where: The church study. 261 McKinnon Road, McKinnon.

Please contact Graeme Hart if you are interested in joining one of our weekly Bible studies.