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McKinnon Reformed Presbyterian Church building

We are small representation of God’s church in Melbourne, Australia. When we talk about church we don’t mean a building, it is far greater than bricks and mortar. When we mention church we are speaking of the millions of people who worship Christ as King.

So, welcome to a small portion of The Church, specifically located in McKinnon. Our group is made up of families, singles, young & old and a sprinkling (OK, it may be more like a heap) of different ethnic backgrounds for flavour.
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What can you expect when you come visit us?

McKinnon Reformed Presbyterian Congregation

We hope the information below might help you as a visitor to our church’s worship service.

– Smiles and a ‘hello, welcome’ at the front door.
– We like to spend some time talking to our Father before worship. We are often gathered in a circle praying for the coming worship, the preaching of the Word, our community and upholding one another’s requests.
– During prayer time the children are gathered together for Sunday school. There are currently two classes. The children begin their class time with singing and prayer and then go off to their respective rooms to learn about different Bible stories and to learn about the big story of the Bible.

– After prayer, we begin to get organised and settled for worship. This can take a bit longer for the families present as it often entails divvying out crayons & textas, making sure everyone has used the toilet and anything else that arises when you have small children!
– Worship consists of singing, prayer, Scripture readings and the preaching of the Word. We also like to have Children’s Talk near the beginning so that the children feel included in the worship. We recognise that even children can worship God and that they need to be in service as much as anyone else.

– After the worship service we like to meander to the hall where fresh (ground and brewed right in the kitchen) coffee, tea and biscuits and conversation are waiting.

Notice, we didn’t say anything about dress code. Mainly because it doesn’t matter to us and it especially doesn’t matter to Jesus. What matters is the condition our hearts are in. We care more that people come with hearts and heads ready to listen, grow and praise our Heavenly Father.

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