Revitalise the Building

Last year our congregation came to a crossroad.

Sell the church property (due to our current building’s poor condition) and move to another suburb or stay and renovate. After much thought, prayer and discussion the congregation decided that God was directing us to stay in our current location.

There were several opinions/thoughts as to why we should stay. Most of which fell into four main categories:

  1. God brought the church family to this location over 50 years ago and has since built up an established relationship with the surrounding community through various groups using our hall for their regular meetings. Our building is used by several community facilities and is one of only a few community spaces in the neighbourhood. Currently our building is used by the AAs, a Russian playgroup, an English speaking playgroup and Greek dancing classes. We desire to bless others in the community by sharing our space with them.
  2. We are the only reformed and presbyterian congregation in the suburbs surrounding McKinnon, an inner city suburb. The congregation saw this as a very strategic location for future church planting possibilities as well as providing the city with a reformed voice.
  3. It is centrally located to schools, shops, train stations, bus stops and major roads. Many suburbs within the city are within 30 minutes of McKinnon, meaning we can be accessed easily by most of the city’s suburbs.
  4. With renovation work our buildings could function better than before and provide space for our church family to expand and thrive.

With the decision to stay agreed upon, an architect was approached and initial plans were drawn up regarding the main building.

Photograph of existing church building on the left, architect's rendering on the right.

Preliminary Costs Estimate

Major Items Estimated cost
Proposed new building $240,000
Proposed works to existing building $90,000
Roofing works $50,000
Rewiring entire building $10,000
External cladding $26,000
Site preparation, clearance, etc. $6,600
Demolition $2,500
Other minor external works $3,300
External services (power, lighting, stormwater, etc.) $8,250
Heating and cooling, special equipment $10,000
Soft and hard landscaping, driveways and paths $10,000
Design fees and client costs $37,725
Total possible budget $494,375

We ask that you prayerfully consider a financial investment in the work being carried out in the McKinnon RP congregation of Melbourne, Australia. 

Our fundraising efforts have consisted of seeking support via the following timeline:


  • Early 2015 – The McKinnon Session first brought our request for funds before our own presbytery for consideration. After some deliberation and with input from the strategy committee, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Australia presbytery has pledged $100,000 with the proviso that we raise the rest of the funds.
  • Mid-year 2015 – We petitioned the RPCNA (Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America) and RPCI (Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland) synods through our presbytery’s inter-church correspondence committee. Each of these synods has graciously invited us to petition the individual congregations within their care for the needed funds.
  • Mid-year 2016 – Sending letters to congregations within the RPCNA and RPCI, asking that they each prayerfully consider giving to this work.
  • October, 2016 –Apply for support from an Australian foundation of christian businesspersons called the Genesis Foundation. You can pray that our plans would be granted a favourable result when we present our first application.
  • November, 2016 – Seeking pledges from our own members, friends, family and other denominations with whom we have close relations.
  • 31 January, 2017 – Requesting all pledges to be made by this date. At that time we will be in position to calculate whether we have achieved our goal of $500,000.
  • 31 March, 2017 – If God has blessed us in this way, we will begin asking for pledged funds to be transferred, either by bank transfer or through the McKinnon RP Paypal account.
  • August, 2017 – We will employ the architect to further develop the plans and begin our applications to council.

At all stages of the process we will keep you up to date via our prayer emails and specific updates to those who have filled out the pledge form.

Pledge/Donate Here

Our congregation’s desire is that we stay in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and continue to be one of the main reformed, Psalm singing voices in a city of 4.25 million people. We also desire to be a church family that plants other church families, Lord willing, in the near future. We covet your prayers as we continue with this project, that God may be glorified and that the gospel goes forth to all the suburbs of Melbourne. Read more about revitalising our congregation here.