Singing the Psalms

Mandarin and English PsaltersWhy do we sing the Psalms?

It’s a good question and one most people ask when they step into a Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Why do we sing psalms when…
So many churches don’t?
So many modern songs are available?

Is it because we’re traditionalists? Is it because we don’t like contemporary? Is it because we’re keeping a dying art alive? In reality, it’s none of these reasons! Would you believe, we have over 20 great reasons why we sing the psalms?

Reason #1 Because they are God’s word!
Reason #2 Because Jesus sang them!
Reason #3 Because they are so Christ-centred!
Reason #4 Because they express every conceivable human
emotion in song!
Reason #5 Because they teach us so much about God, ourselves, sin, salvation, the believer’s struggle in the world, the world to come, the coming judgement, and God’s kingdom!
Reason #6 Because they were given to the church to sing!
Reason #7 Because through them we not only sing to God but we also sing to each other and to ourselves!
Reason #8 Because we don’t need to check their accuracy or theological correctness!
Reason #9 Because God knows what’s best for us to sing!
Reason #10 Because God wants us to sing what he wants us to sing!
Reason #11 Because they transcend culture and time!
Reason #12 Because they are the most powerful songs ever written!
Reason #13 Because they help us better understand the New Testament!
Reason #14 Because they are more than just “praise and worship” songs!
Reason #15 Because they are simple enough for children to understand and love!
Reason #16 Because they are solid soul-food, deep and full of meaning on which mature adults can meditate!
Reason #17 Because they are our own personal, wonderful prayerbook!
Reason #18 Because they speak about the life, death, resurrection, return, victory, judgement, and glory of Jesus Christ!
Reason #19 Because they were sung in both Old and New Testament times!
Reason #20 Because they unite us with God’s people throughout time!
Reason #21 Because when we sing them, we get to know Jesus better, our magni?cent Lord and wonderful Saviour, the glorious King and Head of the Church!

So why not come and discover for yourself the beauty, majesty, and power of singing God’s songs radiating from God’s heart!

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